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Couture Bathing Suits for That Designer Look

In a world of hum-drum and even boring designs for bathing suits, it's no wonder savvy consumers choose couture designs. Although sometimes pricey, couture bathing suits offer several advantages over everyday swimwear. If you're considering purchasing a designer swimsuit, here's some info to help you make an informed purchase.

What makes couture bathing suits different from others? Well, first and foremost, quality is the watchword. If a designer puts his name on a bathing suit, it's more likely that the garment will be of superior quality. Couture bathing suits are made from high-quality fabrics that stand up to wear and hard use. Since swimwear is subject to bleaching by both the sun and by chlorinated water in swimming pools, designer suits are manufactured with colorfast fabrics that will stay bright and true over repeated wearings and laundering. Other construction details you'll find in couture swimsuits are reinforced seams and linings where applicable.

Couture bathing suits are known for their superior style. Couture designers stay in touch with current trends and translate them into their swimwear collections every year. Further down the design ladder, other non-couture designs may be less in keeping with trends in order to appeal to a wider group of consumers. It's a fact that not everyone can afford couture bathing suits and those who do want their suits to be distinctive and sometimes even downright conspicuous. With the style of the suit being paramount, couture designers add many small touches and details not found in less expensive swimwear. Another reason to consider buying couture swimsuits is that well-known designers pay more attention to fit. So if you have a tough time finding a suit that fits right, you might want to consider looking at couture bathing suits because of the extra care designers take with their products.

Although designers like DKNY and Liz Claiborne offer swimsuits, it's important to remember that these are not their stock in trade. For the best look in a swimsuit that's up-to-date and great- fitting, choose a dedicated swimsuit designer. Although the name might not be as familiar to you, you'll get the best possible combination of style and value. A few designers of bathing suits are profiled below.

From string bikinis to modest one-piece bathing suits, Swim Systems' designs are calculated to appeal to a wide variety of customers. If you spend a lot of time by the pool or at the beach, you probably would like some variety in your swimwear. Swim Systems does just that, offering over 20 tops and bottoms that mix and match superbly. Although Swim Systems does offer a one-piece swimsuit, this designer's stock in trade is interchangeable tops and bottoms. There's a great selection of tops in both solids and prints, including halters, bandeaus, tanks, triangles and underwires. For bottoms, you can select from briefs, skirts and shorts. There are even coordinating pareo cover-ups.

Sometimes it's hard to find designer one-piece bathing suits. It seems that most designers favor two piece designs. Gottex, however, is a notable exception. Although there are a few two piece bathing suits available from Gottex, it's their one-piece suits that really shine. Known for their distinctive colors and fabrics, and especially their prints, Gottex has been designing bathing suits since 1949 and has a great feel for what's current without sacrificing quality and fit. Whether it's an ethnic-influence pattern or a bold and wild floral, swimsuits from Gottex are eye-catching and bold. Coordinating cover-ups are also available for a truly couture look.

Palmarosa swimwear is a relative newcomer to the fashion scene, but the company's commitment to tasteful and stylish designs has made it a perennial favorite with customers who want an elegant designer look. Palmarosa pops its classic designs with unexpected fabrics in modern metallics, splashy florals and avant-garde geometrics, giving their bathing suits a distinct, look that's been described as "illuminated." To complete your look, Palmarosa offers a nice selection of cover-ups like tunics and sundresses.

Whether you choose couture bathing suits from the designers profiled above or from a favorite you may have, know that your designer swimwear is an excellent value for the money that will keep its classic looks for many seasons to come.

fashion bathing suits
Bathing suits Couture bathing suits swim system bathing suits
fashion bathing suits