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Bathing suits
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Bathing suits
Competitive bathing suits
competitive swimwear

top racing bathing suits

Shopping for Competitive Swimwear and Bathing Suits

When it comes to competitive swimming, it's important to get the right bathing suits. The right bathing suits can give you the performance boost you need, while the wrong bathing suits will end up holding you back and falling apart on you. There are suits that are definitely suited more for aquatic fitness, and then there are suits meant for fashion. Fashion bathing suits will not stand up to the stresses of aquatic fitness and the chlorinated water of pools.

To stay comfortable and perform the best you can, it's important to choose the right bathing suits for your competitive activities. The first step in finding the bathing suits you need is to determine what size you'll need. Getting the right fit is very important, especially for any kind of competitive activity.

If you have a tape measure handy, you can quickly figure out just the right dimensions for your bathing suits. Start out by taking a measurement of your waist while you are wearing only your underwear. Next, you need to measure out your bust. Be sure to measure at the fullest part of the bust while wearing only a bra. Similarly, measure from the shoulder down to below the waistline in order to find your torso measurements.

Once you have these measurements, you can use them to figure out the proper size of bathing suits. A good fit is particularly important when it comes to competitive lap racing or other intense aquatic activities. Without the right fit, you will experience increased drag and discomfort, inhibiting your performance.

Bathing suits are also designed with different purposes in mind. If you are going to be primarily racing, then you will want the most streamlined bathing suits possible. These bathing suits will come without any kind of liner, and will often feature a zipper mounted high on the back. Racing bathing suits also usually lack any sort of bust support, opting instead for a very snug fit. These bathing suits will usually be made of nylon and spandex in order to resist the corrosiveness of the chlorine found in pools.

For activities that rely less on sheer speed and low drag, you may want to get bathing suits that emphasizes comfort a little more. Some competitive style bathing suits feature bust support in the form of a shelf bra, soft cup, or underwire. Bathing suits with lining will also last longer, even if it does produce slightly more drag in the water. Bathing suits with bust support may be a good idea for water aerobics and other exercise activities where the performance of the suit is not as important.

Competitive bathing suits can be found in both one and two piece forms. Both types can work equally well, with the choice primarily a matter of comfort. Whatever you choose, make sure the swimwear offers adequate coverage and feels comfortable and well fitted. Consider buying a suit with an X, Y, or V back for additional support and freedom of movement.

Just because bathing suits need to perform doesn't mean they can't also look good. Good looking bathing suits will ensure that you feel great wearing it, and that is an important part of performing at the best of your ability. To emphasize a smaller chest, try wearing some bright colors or something with a bold print or diagonal stripes. Likewise, use dark colors at the top to take the attention away from a larger bust. The right choice of pattern or color can focus attention on your best assets and hide others.

It's also important to remember that even with the latest swimwear, the chlorine in pools will eventually wear away at a suit, making it looser and less of a good fit. When this happens, it's time to invest in a new suit to keep up the best performance. With the right choice of suit, you can both look great and perform great in the pool. Keep in mind the different features of swimwear and the activities that they are geared toward in order to make the best choice for your own specific needs.

top racing bathing suits
Bathing suits Competitive bathing suits competitive swimwear
top racing bathing suits